How to Find Local Businesses in Dallas on the Web

Technology has continued to move forward since the inception of the Internet, providing a voluminous resource of information to anyone typing a keyword into a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Literally, millions of possible resources pop up with a single click of your mouse, providing a web address, contact information and marketing materials for all the possible businesses that could provide you with the product or service you need. But, for those members of the populace that are a little unnerved at how to effectively interpret this mass of content, the web can be a daunting resource.

Need to Find Local Businesses in Dallas? Let’s consider that our shopper is looking for a local service business. They’re not interested in a global company and are not ready to drive 5 hours to meet with a salesman. They just want to find local businesses in Dallas that offer the service that they require. Well, there are a few ways to narrow down an Internet search to reduce your search results to a shortened list of local businesses who offer what they need.

Geo-Target your Web Search It may sound complicated, but all geo-targeting means is that when you type a keyword into the search bar when you want to find local businesses, you add in an actual location, depending on how far you’re setting your search boundaries, for the businesses you seek. For example, if you’re looking for a local painting contractor in Dallas, then you would type “Painting Contractors + Dallas” into the search bar. Your results should only include those painting contracting businesses who do business in Dallas. This exact search results in 262,000 possible options via a Google search. How then do you find local businesses that best fit your requirements out of those 262,000 potentials?

Narrow Down the Top 5 You could easily choose from the top 5 painting contractors that show in your search results and pick from them, but there is an easier way to narrow down your search even more. You want to find a local painting contractor in Dallas, but what services do you need from them specifically? Powerwashing? Exterior painting? Interior painting? Is it a job for your home (residential) or your office (commercial.) Key your service requirements into the search bar after “painting contractor+Dallas” and you’ll find local businesses that handle that service.

One last narrowing tool? Add one more plus sign after your service option and key in your hometown or location of your job. Dallas, after all, is a big place, and a contractor located across the state wouldn’t be much help. See who’s left in the top 5 and choose three to research from there.